Er:YAG Laser

Because the water has a strong absorption band in the region with wavelength
around 3000 nm, an Er:YAG laser whose fundamental wavelength is 2940 nm has the ideal wavelenght to partially separate the plant cuticle and wax layer without needing to focus the laser beam.

Laser specifications


  • Solid-state

  • Er:YAG

  • Pulse duration 200 µs

  • Pulse energy 100-600 mJ

  • Wavelength 2940  nm

  • Repetition rate 10 Hz

  • LCD screen


Example of laser exfoliation to improve fluorescent glucose absorption

  • Images of citrus leaves taken two hours after fluorescent glucose application:

       (a) no laser treatment           (b) laser-treated leaf          c) magnification of the leaf surface after treatment


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