Technical characteristics


MicroLIBS is a portable device capable to perform the elemental analysis of any material.

As an excitation source, uses a compact monolithic laser which can work forever without any optical alignment maintenance.

The device also includes a time delay in order to make the analysis at diļ¬€erent stages of plasma evolution



  • Solid

  • Laser Nd:YAG

  • Pulse energy up to 60 mJ

  • Monopulse 5 ns FWHM

  • Wavelength 1064 nm

  • One laser shot per 50 s

  • Delay Generator included


Optical Spectrometer


  • External Trigger

  • Spectral Resolution 0.5 nm. 0.6 nm or 2 nm, depending on the chosen spectral range, VIS, IR or extended, respectively.

  • Spectral range is chosen by user: VIS, IR or extended

  • Light input by optical fiber

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