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LIBS Microanalyzer

Introducing the LIBS Microanalyzer, a powerful tool for elemental micro-analysis of any material. This high precision instrument features a compact monolithic laser excitation source that requires no maintenance, a time delay for analysis at different stages of plasma evolution, and a slit-lamp microscope with micrometric aiming control for precise analysis of small samples. With SLIT LIBS, you can confidently analyze the elemental makeup of a wide range of materials.


  • Biological samples

  • Chemical micro-analysis

  • Conservation

  • Electronics

  • Environment

  • Food Safety & Quality

  • Geology

  • Glass and ceramics

  • Medical Diagnostics

  • Petroleum & Lubricants

  • Polymer Analysis


  • Does not require sample processing

  • Minimal sample damage

  • High resolution

  • Immediate results

  • High Productivity (1+ spectrum per second)

Technical Specifications

  • Pulse energy  up to 40 mJ

  • Total pulse duration 4 ns 

  • Wavelength 1064 nm

  • Repetition rate 1 Hz

  • Spectrometer: Spectral range is chosen by user: VIS, IR or extended

  • Integrated Microscope with up to X magnification for sample targeting


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