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LIBS Microanalyzer

Where Laser meets Biotech

At Onteko, we specialize in the design and manufacture of unique laser products for biotechnology applications. Our team is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible in the industry.


The laser selective ablation system for improving substance uptake by plants. Our advanced technology uses ultra-short pulse lasers to safely and effectively remove the wax cuticle on a plant's leaves, allowing for close to 100% efficiency in substance absorption. The laser and substance applicator are integrated into a robotic arm for precise dosing, ensuring that your plants get the exact nutrients they need without any risk of damage. 

LIBS Microanalyzer

The LIBS Microanalyzer is a high precision instrument capable of performing an elemental micro-analysis of any material. As an excitation source, it uses a compact monolithic laser which can work without any optical alignment maintenance. The device also includes a time delay in order to make the analysis at different stages of plasma evolution. All of this coupled with a slit-lamp microscope with micrometric aiming control for precise analysis of small samples.

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