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Laser Lancet

Blood sampling for analysis is a significant problem for diabetics. It's painful, invasive, risky, and generates hard-to-manage waste. Diabetics must continually purchase metallic lancets, incurring ongoing expenses. They are, therefore, in search of new methods that make routine analysis easier, safer, and more cost effective in the long run.


The incidence of diabetes has increased dramatically in the last few decades, becoming known as the "21st Century Epidemics". By 2025, nearly 400 million people, or about 7% of the world's adult population, are expected to be affected. The global diabetes market is poised to become one of the largest health markets within the next five years.

Traditional metallic lancet pain points:

  • Painful and invasive

  • Risky

  • Waste generation

  • Consumables requirement

The Onteko’s solution

 We propose the introduction of a non-contact laser lancet device. This innovation 

will allow diabetics to perform blood sampling safely, with reduced or no pain. As this instrument requires no consumables, clients won't need to purchase extra supplies. Blood can be drawn needle-free and without skin contact, offering  psychological comfort and security.

 While laser lancets exist, they typically require a direct  mechanical contact focusing system using disposable capsules and expensive lasing crystals.

 Our development will be unique, featuring non-contact use and more affordable, efficient laser. An important benefit is the elimination of needles and hazardous waste, addressing a serious global ecological and health security issue.

Advantages of laser lancet

  • No needles, no contact

  • No waste

  • Painless technology

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