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Foliar Laser Boost

Our innovative method for enhancing substance uptake by plants using selective ablation of light pulses to remove the wax cuticle has been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). US Patent Application No. 18/450,483

LIBS Microanalyzer

Introducing the LIBS Microanalyzer: Unleash elemental micro-analysis potential. This advanced tool scrutinizes materials with a solid-state laser for low maintenance, precise results. Explore the future with time-delay data capture. Navigate materials effortlessly with a precise microscope. Discover SLIT LIBS for accurate, data-driven elemental analysis. Empower your research with the LIBS Microanalyzer.

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Laser-Based Nopal De-Spining

Revolutionizing nopal processing with precision laser technology. Our innovative solution addresses the biggest bottleneck in the cactus supply chain.

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